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Welcome to The Lloyd Group, Inc. We offer comprehensive retirement and estate planning strategies nationwide. Our goal is to help you grow your personal wealth, ultimately protecting you and your family for generations to come.

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You deserve a financial plan as distinct as your interests. The Lloyd Group’s four-step planning process is designed to deliver exactly that.

For more than a quarter century, The Lloyd Group, Inc., has aimed to help customers pursue retirement with the zest and financial confidence they desired. Our professionals accomplish this by specializing in:

  • Estate planning

  • Retirement planning

  • Life insurance

  • Probate and trusts

  • Gifting

  • Financial planning

  • Wealth management

  • Annuities

  • Long-term care


Is Your Retirement Strategy in Tune?

Like a grade-school band performing its first concert, portfolios featuring instruments that aren’t in tune with your retirement needs and objectives can result in discord. In his book, “Composing Your Own Financial Symphony,” founder Mark Lloyd will help you understand how to create your own retirement masterpiece, highlighting strategies to:

  • Avoid retirement roller coasters and “red zone” miscalculations
  • Prepare for the “tax time bomb” and rising health care expenses
  • Help ensure you won’t outlive your money
  • Much more

Mark also can be heard weekly across the nation on “The Financial Symphony” radio broadcast. Tune in to recent episodes here.


Our Seminars

If there’s a financial topic that could affect your finances and future, our team likely will address it during one of our seminars. Discover the myriad topics we cover and questions we answer at these educational events to help you make informed decisions today that will benefit you and your family tomorrow. 

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Potential Tax Savings?

Download this 12-page guide to explore strategies that could help optimize taxes on your retirement income. You’ll learn:
  • How proper planning can help you manage the taxation of Social Security benefits
  • Why strategically draining taxable income from brackets with elevated tax rates can provide immediate tax savings
  • Ways donor-advised funds allow you to avoid capital gains taxes

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