Because we specialize

in wealth accumulation and retirement planning, we often host special seminars for clients and the public to come hear about financial strategies they may want to consider implementing. Hosted by Mark Lloyd CEP®, RFC®, Drew Jones, RFC®, and Blake Morris, CFP®, along with special guest speakers, our seminars cover a multitude of topics and some events focus on specific areas of investing. We explain these complex topics in a very simple and easy to understand way.

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Seminar Topic Discussions





6 Steps to a Stress-Free Retirement


Hear six steps you must take to ensure that your money during retirement lasts as long as you do.

We will answer questions like:

1. How can I maximize income during retirement?

2. What is the effect of high inflation to my portfolio?

3. What assets are at risk if I need long-term care?

4. Is your money tax efficient?

5. What is the retirement tax time bomb?

6. When is the optimum time to start your Social Security payments?

Additional  Topics Discussed at Workshops


1. How can you develop a sound portfolio to ensure your current and future income needs are met?

2. What does it mean to be diversified?

3. How do you measure risk?

4. What are the benefits of rebalancing your portfolio?

5. What are the advantages of working with an advisor who is a fiduciary?

Please join us at one of our educational seminars to learn more about topics of importance to you and your family.

For more information, please call our office at 770-932-0387.


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This helpful retirement kit includes three separate guides that address several topics you should consider when planning your retirement.